Youth Basketball Camp Testimonial

I have been meaning to write to let you know that Jack absolutely LOVED your Basketball camp!
Everyday he had something new and exciting to tell us!

We are looking forward to signing him up for future camps!

This was the first time we had allowed him to be in total charge of himself (riding his bike back and forth). I am not going to lie…I was worried and felt like an awful parent, but he really wanted to attend the camp. (I had three different GPS apps tracking him! LOL)

Both my husband and myself work. I figured since it really was just down the street at his school that it would be the perfect time to give him a chance to prove himself. It was awesome!!! He is a very responsible little boy!

I hope that you plan to have summer camps there this year!

Take Care,

(Jack’s Mom)

Youth Basketball Testimonial

I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic week of basketball for our 9-year-old, Jake. I was hesitant when I saw the age range knowing that there would probably be a lot more older kids than younger, I really wondered what the experience would be like for the little guys, but Jake really wanted to play over Spring Break. Your staff was wonderful, and coach Tony spent A TON of 1-on-1 time with Jake. He also absolutely loved shooting around before the sessions started with the big guys. They were awesome, great role models. He learned more in one week than he had all season (and that’s a tough pill to swallow since I was his coach during the season!). We’re definitely looking forward to having Jake attend as many of your camps as possible moving forward. Great job!

Thanks again, Dave! Keep up the great work.


Jack Kearns

Dave Garcia has coached and personal trained my son Jack for three years, through grades 6, 7, and 8. My son’s development as a basketball player and as a person has been exceptional thanks to Dave. Dave blends high intensity, exacting instruction with a supportive, sensitive approach ideally suited for each age group and skill level he works with. I’ve seen him training everyone from NCAA Division 1 level players to novices at summer camps, and his passion for teaching and inspiring are revealed at all times. Dave serves as a role model for his players to take responsibility for their own development, work ethic, and pure passion for the game, in the style of John Wooden.

Look, the truth is, anyone can fill a web site with superlatives. And we all know, particularly with youth sports, there are plenty of negative coaching influences with misplaced competitive intensity out there. One thing you owe to yourself and your player is to check out Dave’s program with your own eyes. I promise you that in five minutes, you will see why Dave is outstanding, unique, and certain to be a positive influence on your player – regardless of ability or temperament. Dave will bring out the passionate, competitive, competent, self-assured athlete in all of us.
Dave’s coaching ability and natural rapport with youth led to him being hired by our non-profit kids fitness organization, Running School, Inc. in 2009. He was rapidly promoted to Head Coach for the entire Sacramento/Foothills region. Dave works with nearly 5,000 elementary school kids during regular campus visits throughout the school year to promote physical activity, healthy competition, and positive lifestyle choices. He has received exceptional reviews from school teachers, administrators, executives and Advisory Board members in our organization.
Brad Kearns, Auburn, CA
Basketball parent
Executive Director, Running School, Inc.
Former national champion and #3 world-ranked professional triathlete

Tony Williams

I have known Dave Garcia since early 2008, when he first trained my oldest son, Tony Williams.  Tony was a sophomore at the time and was just staring a new AAU team, as a shooting guard.  We were looking for a trainer that would not only help to develop and enhance his skills to play AAU, but also to effectively prepare him to contribute to his Rocklin High School Varsity Basketball team during the season.  Dave worked with Tony on his ball handling, shooting and attack moves to the basket.  The high powered training sessions allowed Tony to get a since of how it really is at GAME SPEED.  The sessions were extremely INTENSE, and packed with drills that either of us had ever witnessed before.  After a number of private lessons with Dave, Tony was able to make great strides in his development, in AAU and High School.   Tony capped off his high school career with playing in the State Championship game in 2009, having an awesome senior year in 2010, averaging over 18 points per game and getting recruited by 4 colleges, at the  D1, D2 and D3 and level, with scholarship offers.   I do believe that Dave’s training helped Tony to be more prepared to play at a high level, and ultimately have the opportunity to play college basketball at Santa Barbara City College.

Dave also trains my youngest son, Keyshon Williams, who is a freshman Point Guard on the Rocklin High School Varsity Basketball team.  He currently plays on the NorCal Runners 16U Varsity AAU Traveling Team.  Dave has worked with Keyshon since January 2011, and has increased his skills TREMENDOUSLY, in the following areas:  advanced ball handling (with both hands), stop/start and hesitation moves, explosiveness, hand speed, foot work and shooting.  After only a few sessions last year, as an 8th grader,  he won the opportunity to be the starting Point Guard on a 15U traveling AAU team.    Dave’s advanced, intense and fundamentally sound training provided Keyshon the confidence to play at this high level on the travel team, successfully compete against elite varsity players and earn a spot on the Rocklin High School Varsity Basketball team.   Dave continues to provide personal training to Keyshon when their schedules are in sync.  He also provides training to the NorCal Runners AAU Traveling Team from time to time.

Dave will continue to be a huge part in the basketball skill development, for both Tony and Keyshon, as they continue to compete at the next level.

I recommend Dave to anyone who wants to develop and improve their kid in the fundamentals and advanced ball handling and shooting.

Coach Tony Williams

NorCal Runners Boys Basketball 16U AAU Travel Team

Mike Kelly

Dave Garcia is known for his skills, drills, and innovative training techniques.  His innate knowledge of the game is only surpassed by his passion for the game.  His obsession for the minute details has developed into a training program that stresses game proven methodologies that work.

What makes Garcia different is he measures a player’s heart, first.  Standing at 4’11”as a 12 year old boy no one gave Cole Kelly a chance.  We had attended all the local camps and had gone through a few private trainers and always got the same response, “Great kid, but too small!”

What Garcia saw was a kid with a passion for the game that matched his own.  When Garcia started working with him, Cole’s range didn’t extend much beyond the free throw line and he turned over the ball like he was dealing cards.

A year later Cole is the starting point guard on the YBA’s Blue Team and in his last 4 games he was 9-12 for three’s with less then 2 turnovers per game.

Dave Garcia has made a difference in Cole’s life that transcends basketball.  Cole has learned that passion, coupled with enthusiasm and hard work equals success!

Dave Garcia will break down your self imposed barriers and find your inner baller!

Mike Kelly

Ken Carter

Toby and Daniel – Nevada Union High School

Toby and Daniel Carter have trained with Dave Garcia and he has helped them improve their quickness, conditioning and basketball fundamentals. They have made tremendous improvement during the time they have trained with him I would highly recommend him as a trainer for all levels of basketball training.

Ken Carter

Jeanette Fugate

Dave Garcia is the best all around coach my son and I have had the opportunity to be a part of at the Youth and High School level. Dave has the remarkable ability to develop a player from the very beginning. He always starts with basic fundamentals and has the player work hard, making sure he/she is practicing the right way. Down to holding the ball correctly, footwork and toes pointing the correct way, he will not allow the player to develop bad habits. He instills focus, repetition and hard work . He teaches respectfully and in a way that the player understands . He demonstrates drills and shows how one would then apply it in a game situation. He evaluates each player’s ability and then coaches at their level. He has developed players with little or no experience who are now playing at a highly competitive level. He can also train very highly skilled highschool players and make them even better.

My son has been training with Dave for almost two years. My son’s basketball IQ, his fundamentals, coordination, ball handling and shooting form and work ethic have improved dramatically under Dave’s coaching, guidance and training. We plan on having Dave as our son’s trainer and coach for as long as we can. We feel very fortunate to have Dave Garcia coach our son and highly recommend him to train your son or daughter regardless of what level they are. If you want your son/daughter to learn and become very competent in fundamentals and the game of basketball, you need to train with Dave.

I played basketball in a high level Division 1 basketball program for four years. I have had the fortunate experience of being coached by some of the best college coaches in my day. Dave is right up there with them. Dave is really that good, check him out!!!!

Jeanette Fugate

Zach Nelson

As a Senior foward at Yuba City High School, Zach had a year to remember averaging 24 ppg, 15 rebounds, and 4 blocks per game, while leading his Yuba High team to a league title and an impressive 24-4 record. Not to mention, dropping 56 points and 17 rebounds in a single game against Natmoas High school.

To watch a video of that game, click here.

Along with a 4.5 GPA, Zach was one of the top recruits in Northern California and recieved D1 offers from more than a half a dozen elite programs before execpting a full ride scholarship to Utah State.

Zach is currently on a 2 year mission and said, “I will be training with Dave when I get back..” also mentioning, “Training with Dave for an entire summer helped me in many ways. Not only did I increase my vertical leap, strength, and quickness, but my ball-handling and shooting skills improved tremendously. I would highly recommend Dave as a trainer…” Zach Nelson

Mike Bryson

“Being able to workout with Dave was an informational and gratifying experience. I learned a lot, not only that my ball-handling has a long way to go, but drills and excercises that will allow me to try and perfect the skill. He has also given me workouts to work on my dribbling into a shot, catch and shooting, and 1-on-1 to make it impossible for a defense to stop me.”

Mike Bryson

Darren Centi

“Training with Dave to increase my speed, strength, and conditioning was vital to my success as a three sport athlete at Placer High School. I now compete in football and track at the University of Redlands and can honestly say that I will ALWAYS train in the off-season with Dave.”

Darren Centi